Gardman Daffodil Wild Bird Feeder

Daffodil Bird Feeder

Daffodil Bird Feeder Supporting Marie Curie

Bring your garden to life with the Gardman Cast Iron Daffodil Bird Feeder Dish, a decorative yellow painted cast iron feeder dish suitable for all seed mixes, black sunflower seeds, peanut bites, Suet Treats and Mealworms.

This decorative feeder dish is made of cast iron and features a double ground-spike to keep it anchored into flower borders or lawns. It can also be used as a water dish.

50p from the sale of each feeder goes to Marie Curie, who provide care and support for people living with any terminal illness, and their families.

Height: 72cm.

Other Gardman Daffodil Products

Solar daffodil

The Solar daffodil

This clever attractive daffodil features dual power technology that delivers year round lighting. Dual power technology uses both solar and battery power and comes complete with a rechargeable battery as well as an alkaline battery.

Decorative Spring Daffodil

Decorative Spring Daffodil

This extremely attractive decorative metal daffodil, adds cheerfulness wherever it is displayed. Suitable for outdoors use, it can cheer up a border, and features a double ground spike to keep it anchored into position.